Wellness Content Disclaimer

Wellness Content Disclaimer for Envisioning Miracles:

The content provided on https://envisioningmiracles.com/, including but not limited to our website’s content, focuses on wellness topics such as diet, exercise, personal growth, relationships, and more. Visitors and users of Envisioning Miracles are requested to understand and agree to the following terms concerning Our Wellness Content:

  1. General Information Only: Our Wellness Content is intended for general informational purposes and does not constitute medical, psychological, emotional, relationship, or any professional advice. The team at Envisioning Miracles, including contributors, are not licensed medical or professional care providers. All suggestions and information should be seen as supplementary and not a replacement for consultations with qualified professionals.
  2. Assumption of Risks: Activities such as diet, exercise, or personal growth routines have inherent risks. This could include potential injuries, emotional reactions, or other unexpected outcomes. By engaging with or acting upon Our Wellness Content, you acknowledge these risks and assume responsibility for any outcomes.
  3. No Guarantee of Current Information: Although Envisioning Miracles endeavors to offer accurate and current information, the nature of wellness and health knowledge is constantly evolving. We can’t guarantee the real-time accuracy or applicability of Our Wellness Content. It’s essential to consult professionals for the most recent advice tailored to your personal situation.
  4. Always Seek Professional Guidance: Before embarking on any wellness routines or changes based on Our Wellness Content, especially if you have pre-existing conditions or concerns, consult with appropriate Professional Care Providers. This is vital if you have medical conditions, are pregnant, have eating disorders, or any other significant concerns. Should you experience discomfort or adverse reactions when following our recommendations, stop immediately and seek professional guidance.

Our Wellness Content at Envisioning Miracles serves as a guide, not a replacement, for professional advice. All decisions based on our content are made at your discretion and risk.

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